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Finding Your Fit

You all know I consider “real food” as foundational for health but there’s more to wellness than just bone broth and ferments, right? So I’m delighted to share this guest post from my friend and neighbor: Gordon Shuford, personal training coach and owner of FIT 360. Gordon offers private & group personal training, and he coaches soccer & football athletes of all ages. His contact info is below.

Thanks for this helpful info, Gordon!

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Carolyn has inspired many of us to become increasingly more aware of how to improve our overall health, and I consider that a major understatement with her influence on my family and me.

As Carolyn agrees, a balanced diet consisting of REAL, nutritious, and clean food combined with the right physical activity for YOU is the simple yet challenging goal many of us constantly chase to boost our minds and bodies. There is no perfect formula or solution, so just as our minds and bodies constantly change, we must constantly challenge ourselves to adapt to the way we fuel them.

After years of struggling with digestive issues and increasing blood sugar, I was on a mission to learn the steps I could take and how I could help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

As opposed to just listing my fitness priorities or suggesting specific exercises, I simply wanted to share key benefits:

  • The vagus nerve, part of the largest nerve system in the body, can be irritated due to diet, digestive issues, and lack of physical activity, causing health concerns such as anxiety among many other conditions.
  • Cardiovascular exercise helps to release endorphins that reduce stress and fuel positive feelings, not to mention burning calories and boosting the metabolism.
  • Most general health books will start off by explaining the importance of drinking plenty of quality purified water, and proper hydration is something many of us constantly fall short with. Simply staying properly hydrated complimented with light physical activity has solved countless complicated health concerns.
  • Regarding fitness, much of your activity needs to be something you truly enjoy and look forward to. Having a recurring scheduled time or routine certainly helps as well, and you need to reward yourself from time to time.
  • Always listen to your body, be patient, and focus more on how you want your mind and body to feel instead of how you want your body to look. Reshaping the body is a bonus that comes after months and months of disciplined diet and training.
  • Clearing your head and achieving a calm, positive state prior to physical activity will lead to a more fulfilling and impactful workout.
  • Everyone is different. But everyone that is able can benefit from reducing injury risk and health issues through proper cardio, light muscle toning, and flexibility.

Remain focused on YOU, continue to challenge yourself and always be prepared to adapt your diet and fitness while chasing your full health potential.

-Coach Gordon Shuford,