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Why You Should Not Buy Oils from Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay

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You may have heard this question or possibly wondered yourself: “Why can’t I just buy doTERRA Essential Oils off Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc? The oils are sometimes more affordable on these sites so what’s the problem?”

Well, I’ll tell you!

The problem is, when buying from these sites, you REALLY don’t know exactly what you are getting. And, no, you aren’t saving money.

Below are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy oils from these online stores…

  1. The oils can easily be tampered with and re-sold to you with a carrier oil or fillers to adulterate the essential oil. You could be paying a cheaper price for that oil, but you most likely will not be paying for 100% doTERRA essential oils. Sadly, tampering could easily be done and has, in fact, happened to many people who noticed a problem after purchasing from these sites. Did you know Amazon even sells those tamper-resistent caps that could be used to disguise a diluted oil? Aaack.

  • Know that, because of the sourcing for highest therapeutic value and the rigorous testing, doTERRA oils can be aromatically, topically, and in some of doTERRA’s essential oils can be ingested. Well, if you are concerned about your health and especially if purchasing these oils to be put on or in your body, why purchase from an untrusted source? This could be dangerous for you and your family. doTERRA is a trusted source for quality and purity of the oils. And you’ll want to have those doTERRA products delivered directly to you from the distribution centers.

  • When buying oils from other sources you are missing out on all the product promotions and discounts doTERRA offers monthly! As a wholesale customer, you are already receiving a 25% discount and the opportunity to earn 10-30% back in product points to use on purchases … which is AWESOME! You also have the option to participate to earn a FREE product of the month, each month. It really is such a great blessing.

  • If purchasing your essential oils from online retailers, you have no direct support. There are many ways to use doTERRA essential oils so it can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t have support. These third parties want nothing to do with supporting you and they don’t offer doTERRA’s generous return policy. Purchasing from doTERRA, you have support from your enroller/mentor, the most amazing customer service team, and live online chat where you can ask questions to if you need help.

  • So … Why are you seeking out essential oils? And specifically doTERRA Essential Oils? Is it for yourself, your family, your loved ones? When I was researching natural solutions to help my family live a healthier lifestyle, I was blown away by the doTERRA model of sourcing for potency, CPTG testing for purity, as well as the beautiful community of support & education. In addition to the savings, my wholesale membership allows me to be a part of ALL the company has to offer and also to play a small role in the power of their world-changing Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives and Healing Hands Foundation.

    Want that for yourself? Join my community HERE to be a part of this healthy revolution!