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Plantain & Apple Fritters Recipe and My Review of The Paleo Approach Cookbook

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No surprise here: Nourishing real food is SO important to me.


Autoimmune disease is an epidemic in the U.S. and our family’s journey with Celiac and Hashimoto’s has certainly had its ups and downs. Adding nutrient-dense foods to our diets … and removing toxic allergenic foods … has helped my whole family improve our health, eliminate a multitude of frustrating symptoms, and cope with these autoimmune diseases and gluten intolerance.

Throughout the journey, I’ve been grateful for the support of wise practitioners and experts who generously share their knowledge and practical tips. Favorites of mine are Chris Kresser, Liz Wolfe & Diane Sanfilippo of the Balanced Bites podcast, and Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, of

I was honored to contribute a guest post to ThePaleoMom site earlier this year (Spicy Pork Rillons) and I’m delighted to now offer my review of Sarah’s latest book, The Paleo Approach Cookbook! Read on for my review and Sarah’s recipe for delicious Plantain & Apple Fritters…

The Paleo Approach Cookbook was written for those brave souls who seek to manage their autoimmune disease by supporting gut health, as well as hormone and immune system regulation, with nutrient-dense foods. It’s a great resource for those of us who are choosing real food rather than relying on conventional drugs to manage symptoms and mask the underlying causes of their ailments.

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The Paleo Approach Cookbook is a companion guide to Sarah’s first book, The Paleo Approach, which details Sarah’s protocol for empowering us to regulate our immune systems through diet and lifestyle changes. She has now given us a veritable encyclopedia of recipes, sourcing and cooking guides, meal plans, shopping guides, and nutrition facts for easy reference.

I’ve enjoyed incorporating many of the recipes into my repertoire but we’re especially fond of her Plantain & Apple Fritters, sweet and slightly savory treats that are a delicious addition to pastured pork sausage for a nourishing and satiating breakfast.

Check out Sarah’s Plantain & Apple Fritters recipe, reprinted here with her permission!

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