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DIY Personal Diffusers

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Managing toxic load is an important part of maintaining overall health. Whether we desire an uplifting scent at our desk or a calming aroma in the car, we are best served with truly natural ingredients, right?

Did you know that fragrance companies are not legally required to disclose their ingredients? Regulations have made it such that ingredients remain undisclosed under the term “fragrance.” Over 400 synthetic ingredients may fall under this to protect the formulas. The most commonly used ingredients in commercial fragrance have been linked to numerous health issues including nervous system damage, kidney damage, inflammation, respiratory failure and allergic reactions.

Instead of using those yucky "tree" air fresheners for the car or the icky plug-in style for home, go simple & pure with felted wool balls and doTERRA's CPTG essential oils.

This is the simplest craft ever! Gather the supplies:

  • Felted Wool Balls (I found 2.5 cm wool poms on Etsy - there are SO many color combos!)
  • Cotton Bakers Twine
  • Heavy Fabric Needle (such as canvas, carpet or leather needle)
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Once you decide on your color combos:

  1. Thread the needle with 20-24 inches of twine.
  2. Insert the needle through 7 or 8 of the wool balls ... right through the center. (You may need a pair of pliers to carefully pull the end of the needle all the way through. )
  3. Tie a snug knot between the first and last wool balls ... leaving enough twine to create a loop or bow to hang your personal diffuser, if desired.
  4. Now choose your favorite essential oil and place a few drops on the diffuser. Voila!
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Which oils or blends to use?

  • My absolute favorite calming oil blends are Balance grounding blend & Adaptiv calming blend. Serenity restful blend is lovely in the evening for the best night's sleep.
  • For mental clarity, go for mints & citrus: Peppermint + Wild Orange are winners!
  • To uplift your mood, try Citrus Bliss invigorating blend or Elevation joyful blend.
  • Want clear airways? Try Breathe respiratory blend or the new Air-X.

What color combos will you go with? Which oils will you use? Let me know if you try this super-simple DIY!


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