Traditional Cooking School – ONLINE 24/7!

Want to serve your family delicious, nourishing, traditionally-prepared meals? To simply and easily bless your family with good health, vibrancy and life-giving food? Need to handle various food allergies but still want yummy food?

Then PLEASE check out the Traditional Cooking School!


In less than an hour a week, you can learn how to master the fundamentals of traditional cooking, sourdough, cultured dairy and cheese, fermentation, dehydrating, allergen-friendly cooking, real food kids, and more. Over 6000 families have benefitted from this online resource … including mine! I love Wardee Harmon and her gentle spirit. I know you will, too!


“Let’s Return To Tradition … Before there were factory farms and processed foods, there were nutrient-dense foods prepared traditionally. People of old knew how to bake with sourdough, create ‘good-for-you’ crunchy and sour pickles, make farmhouse cheeses and churn cultured butter. Those foods were not only tasty but very nutritious — and the people were relatively free of modern diseases. They lived close to the land and its bounty and passed their knowledge down from generation to generation. My family has returned to those roots and old-fashioned skills. And we’re happy to help you.”

Unlimited Online Cooking Classes!

With 24/7 access, video demonstrations, audio files, print tutorials, private support forums and monthly Q&A meetings, we bring you unlimited multi-media classes on many topics of traditional food: from the fundamentals to sourdough, to cultured dairy and basic cheese, to lacto-fermentation, to allergy-free meals. (We also offer books and real food menu plans, separately.) Membership in Traditional Cooking School is only $37 per month with an option for the first 3 months free.
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