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POST 20: How to Ask Your Friends to Get Started with doTERRA.

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When helping friends & family, we may get excited and want to tell them everything we've learned about essential oils. And then the next thing you know, we've completely overwhelmed them. 😂


Keep it simple. Tell them that you love essential oils, they make you feel great, and that they can get an account to get started too!


Tell them to get one of the popular enrollment kits on the Trifold Brochure in the Files tab (You can download it and send it to them). This way there is no starter fee.


I often explain it as "Get the small bottle kit for $150 or the large bottle kit for $275. Or if you are ready for the BEST kits - the bigger you go, the better the savings - get one of the larger kits like the Natural Solutions kit. You can't go wrong. Just pick a starter kit."


Enter their info here:
And make sure your own Wellness Advocate number is listed as the enroller!


Simple! And empowering!

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