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POST 17: I enrolled someone! Now what?

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It's easy!

1. Add them to the Let's Get Started FB group and tag them in the Welcome post as well as Posts 1, 2 & 3. 💁🏼

2. Add them to my Let's Thrive VIP Customer FB group or the VIP Customer group that is run by your enroller or upline leader. Tag them in the Oil Camp UNITS in that user group! ⛺️

3.Help them get LRP set up. If they aren't on Facebook, email them the info! Please-please-please review it with them in person or on the phone 7-10 days after they enroll. They will need a little guidance from you to get started. 💜

4. If you want to earn the 20% commission, be sure you set up your LRP with at least 100 PV and then process that order sometime in the current month. Your Fast Start commission will be paid the next week! (See Post 16 for more info.) 💰

5. You'll receive that Fast Start commission as a paper check ($1.95 service fee) or Direct Deposit is an option with just a 50 cent service fee. Here's the Direct Deposit Authorization Form:

*** Be sure to tell them how easy it is to help their own friends & family get their own accounts. They can help their friends & family and get their doTERRA essential oils paid for just for sharing!


Help them get engaged on our Facebook groups and tag them in posts that might interest them.

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