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Why I Switched to Mushroom Coffee Mix

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Have you heard about mushroom coffee? I know it sounds a little weird at first. I scoffed when my daughter first mentioned it. (Sorry, Em!) But I’ve really been enjoying my morning mushroom coffee mix lately. It’s all the best things about coffee (and I LOVE my coffee!) mixed with the nourishing benefits of medicinal mushrooms. I highly recommend it!

What is Mushroom Coffee Mix?

Mushroom coffee is a unique blend of dried medicinal mushrooms and ground coffee. The result is a health-supporting beverage that has less caffeine and more antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients than regular coffee. And, no, it doesn't taste like mushrooms!

Dried mushrooms can have a variety of health benefits, but they also have an earthy taste that isn’t always appealing. By pairing them with flavor-rich coffee beans, you create an adaptogenic beverage that also tastes delicious.

Mushroom coffee can be made with different varieties of medicinal mushrooms to provide specific benefits:

  • Lion’s Mane: improves focus, concentration, and creativity
  • Cordyceps: increases endurance and stamina
  • Chaga: high-antioxidant mushroom that supports your immune system

Mushroom Coffee Benefits

Mushrooms combined with coffee creates a balanced synergy of calm, energy and focus. Here’s why mushrooms make coffee even better:

The Right Kind of Energy

Coffee can have many health benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks. Coffee by itself can be a little too stimulating. Sure, it gives you energy, but sometimes it’s the type of energy that makes you feel distracted, scattered, and jittery – even irritable! This can promote anxiety and interfere with sleep.

Mushroom coffee mix provides a more balanced kind of energy. With half the caffeine of regular coffee (50mg per cup instead of 100mg), mushroom coffee is still energizing. But it also contains the adaptogenic and grounding properties from medicinal mushrooms. This means the energy you feel from mushroom coffee mix is smooth and focused.

Reduce Stress and Increase Resilience

The adaptogenic qualities of mushrooms also soothe away stress and anxious thought patterns. This helps you “adapt” to everyday challenges instead of going into fight-or-flight mode.

Mushroom coffee also promotes healthy sleep patterns, since you aren’t overstimulated when you drink it. If you have trouble settling down at night, replace your afternoon latte with mushroom coffee and you’ll rest easier. I mention a decaf option below.*

Improved Digestion

Coffee is known to cause indigestion for some, which can make your morning cup of joe both a blessing and a curse. Mushrooms have digestive benefits that can help counteract the coffee effect.

So mushroom coffee helps you cut back on the total amount of coffee you drink, while soothing your digestive system at the same time!

How to Use Mushroom Coffee Mix

You can brew mushroom coffee mix just like you would your regular ground coffee. You can use your coffee maker, a percolator, a French press, or your favorite cold brew method.

Drink one cup of mushroom coffee in place of your regular cup of coffee to start your day feeling energized, focused, and vibrant.

Make it Bulletproof

My favorite way to drink my mushroom coffee is with a tablespoon of grass-fed ghee or MCT oil – aka Bulletproof Coffee style. This keeps me energized and craving-free all day (it’s perfect for intermittent fasting).

Plus, I’ve been able to cut back on my two-cup-a-day coffee habit! It’s a win-win for my health and wellness.

Try the Mushroom Coffee Challenge

My two favorite mushroom coffee options are Four Sigma mushroom coffee mix and  Organo's organic King Coffee.

Four Signa has blends with different mushrooms like Lion’s Man and Chaga (and even *caffeine-free options like Cacao with Reishi) for whatever your health priorities are.

These mushroom coffee mixes tastes delicious – so I get my daily dose of medicinal mushrooms without even noticing!

I challenge you to switch out your daily coffee with mushroom coffee mix instead. Try it for 2 weeks and then let me know how you feel!