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5 Easy Sugar-Free / Paleo Mocktails

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Try these fun, festive and flavorful mocktail beverage recipes that won't wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels or leave you with a headache the next morning. 

With a focus on in-season citrus or other fresh fruits, these mocktails are free of processed sugar, free of toxic artificial sweeteners, and free of alcohol. 

They're considered Paleo and Whole30 approved. Super-easy and tasty! 

You can adjust the ingredient amounts to taste, and add local honey, if desired. Or even turn them into a real cocktail with a splash of your favorite adult beverage, of course.

My favorite brands of sparkling water are San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water and Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water

Each recipe serves 2. 

Which of these easy mocktail recipes will you try? The Berry & Vinegar one is at the top of my list. And I never say no to pomegranate. I’d love to hear your faves! 


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