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Unlock Your Metabolic Health


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What if we could look great and feel better from the inside out?

  • Less brain fog
  • More focus & clarity
  • Relief in your joints
  • Less sugar cravings
  • Better movement in your body
  • Extra pounds falling away
  • Better, smoother skin
  • Deeper sleep
  • Better mood
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Let's first take a moment to chat about metabolism...


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Metabolic health and biological age are inseparable.

While ‘lifespans’ might be increasing around the globe, how many of those extra years are spent truly feeling healthy and with fullest vitality and wellness? It’s time to CLOSE the gap between lifespan and healthspan.

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Meet MetaPWR!

Meta – short for Metabolic Health meets PWR Personal. Wellness. Realized. 

There are 3 components of MetaPWR:

1. Our "willpower in a bottle" metabolic essential oil blend

2. Our all-the-things Advantage Collagen + NMN

3. Our "glucose stabilizing" Assist supplement for healthy blood sugar levels

dōTERRA's MetaPWR is a simple system designed to help you optimize your metabolic health. These products, combined with healthy lifestyle choices, are a powerful key for unlocking your personal wellness.

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Here's how to easily incorporate the MetaPWR metabolic system into your daily routine:

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Friend, you deserve a full life of health & vitality!

The stronger and healthier your metabolic function, the better you’ll feel from the inside-out.

You can begin with the MetaPWR Kit found here: MetaPWR Starter Kit 🛒 and I'll help you incorporate these simple steps into your daily routine. 🧡

Email me for guidance on getting the best prices.

Want to dig deeper into education and the science of MetaPWR?

This is the simple handout that we use when teaching about MetaPWR: Live Your Most Powerful Life

Here's a helpful eBook on the MetaPWR System: The 3-Step System for Metabolic Health

Here are Product Information Pages for the MetaPWR components: PIPs