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Interview with Amber Lewis

of The Good Kitchen

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Years of research went into The Good Kitchen. We learned about what foods create optimum health, how to source ingredients with an eye toward ethics, sustainability and authentic relationships, and we learned how to make dynamic meals that nourish the body and satisfy the gourmet appetite.

- Amber Lewis

My hubby and I have been working hard and traveling frequently so having nourishing, nutrient-dense The Good Kitchen meals delivered to our home every other week has been such a blessing to us! My friend, Amber Lewis, leads this beautiful company with passion, and I’m so delighted to share our recent chat with you all. ~ Carolyn

Amber, tell me how the The Good Kitchen (TGK) mission begin, and what makes you different than the rest?

The Good Kitchen started with a mission to change the way people think about convenient meals. Our attention to sourcing and transparency is at our core. At the time of inception I saw there was a huge hole in the market for well-sourced fully-prepared ready-to-heat-and-eat meals. And not just ready-to-eat meals that you would pick up from a grocery store but a service that would deliver meals directly to your home. Our customers are busy. They are typically multitasking folks who are working full time, building families, building businesses or just don’t enjoy cooking. They want to eat well, quickly. That’s where we step in! When life happens.

Describe the-day-in-the-life of TGK.

We don’t really have a typical day in the life of TGK. Lol! Every day is something different, challenging and fun!

What are your pantry and fridge must-haves / necessities?

Things you always have on hand. We have been moving more and more toward a ketogenic approach to our nutrition. So I really like to have a lot of lower carb vegetables on hand. Greens are a must and sauerkraut is a huge staple for us. Pantry items are fairly limited. However, I have all the spices and like to have canned wild caught tuna, salmon, or sardines on hand for a quick protein on a salad. And of course, TGK meals in the fridge!

What’s your most favorite ingredient and why?

I love bone broth. It adds flavor and dimension to anything. Or, can be a meal on its own! And, the benefits are amazing!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what are 3 things you do?

Meditation is a priority for me. I also try to schedule things throughout the week where I can step away from my desk for yoga or running some type of physical activity to get out of my head. I always have food prepped or a TGK meal close by to keep me from making bad decisions.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?

That’s a tie between pizza and French fries.

What’s one thing you’d never eat?

Onions. It’s a texture thing.

What’s your favorite TGK meal?

Right now it’s the Shrimp Sauté with Turnip Noodles. It’s the JAM!!

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