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11 Houseplants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

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11 Houseplants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

Did you know indoor air quality has a huge impact on our health? It really does! The quality of the air in our homes affects our respiratory health on a very real level. Poor indoor air quality can even cause symptoms like dizziness, headaches and fatigue. (source)

Houseplants to the rescue!

Houseplants may clean the air and remove toxins, which helps improve the air quality in your home and help you (and your family) breathe a little easier.

Indoor plants can remove toxins like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can be released by everything from plastics to shampoo and nail polish to paint and drywall. Indoor plants can also remove ground level ozone, which causes irritation to the respiratory system. Do you still need to take to avoid synthetic toxins and have natural ventilation of fresh air in your home? For sure! (source)

Which plants do you choose? Below are some of the best houseplants that help purify the air and remove toxins from your home.

11 of the Best Indoor Plants that Clean the Air

1. Snake Plant

This plant has thick, waxy leaves that grow in vertical patterns. Snake plants are known for thriving with low light and high humidity, making these the perfect choice for bathrooms and poorly-lit rooms. They are hardy and very long-lived. I have a large snake plant that belonged to my grandmother!

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2. Philodendron

A classic for hanging baskets, the heart-shaped leaves extend along a vine and can trail across the top of cabinets or clear to the other side of the room. Easily rooted in water to share with friends.

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3. Golden Pothos

Often confused with Philodendron, Golden Pothos is known as the houseplant for gardeners with a black thumb (AKA you can’t seem to keep anything alive!). It’s crazy-durable and still does an amazing job cleaning the air in your home.

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4. English Ivy

English ivy will spread easily when grown outdoors but can be a bit touchy to grow indoors. It can tolerate some shade and is especially good for filtering formaldehyde out of the air.

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5. Bamboo Palm

Can thrive with lower levels of light so that makes the bamboo palm a good fit for most homes. It’s known for purifying the air of VOCs released by furniture so it’s great for bedrooms, offices, and living areas.

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6. Spider Plant

Another easy-to-grow houseplant and hanging basket favorite, spider plants work well in low light conditions and filter out multiple pollutants from the air.

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7. Peace Lily

This popular indoor plant cleans the air and removes toxins – and is also really easy to grow! If you worry about keeping houseplants alive, the Peace Lily is a good choice. It likes bright but indirect light.

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8. Boston Fern

The long, leafy fronds of the Boston Fern make it a living air filter for your home. It’s a little messy to grow inside, but is so effective that it’s worth a mention. These indoor/outdoor plants also do well in hanging baskets.

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9. Gerber Daisies

These bright flowers are so gorgeous they quality as décor as well as air purifiers. Make sure these houseplants get lots of light and you’re all set. So many colors from which to choose!

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10. Dragon Tree

Also known as Madagascar Dragon Tree or Dracaena, the dragon tree is slow-growing but drought tolerant vertical houseplant that grows well in indirect light. It works well for purifying a variety of VOCs out of the air.

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11. Rubber Tree Plant

These houseplants are easy to maintain. The rubber plant also removes formaldehyde and other VOCs from the air, so they’re perfect for a home office or any living area.

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Important Note: Toxicity to Dogs and Cats

While houseplants can clean the air and remove toxins from your home, please note that many houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs. 

Here are the pet-safe plants from this list:

  • Boston Fern
  • Spider Plant
  • Gerber Daisies
  • Bamboo Palm

What do you think?

Do you already have a houseplant or two? Which plants will you choose next to help purify and clean the air in your home? Tell me in the comments below!