Have you Heard of Infrared Sauna Therapy?

Welcome to my dear friend, Traci Giles D.C. (Functional Medicine/Chiropractic, GAPS Diet Certified) of Progressive Health Center of the Carolinas! Dr. Traci is sharing her wisdom about Far Infrared Sauna Therapy here on Real Food Carolyn! Take it away, Dr. Traci!

One of the most powerful tools for pain relief, detoxification, inflammation, weight loss, glowing skin, and heart health doesn’t necessarily reside in a supplement bottle but instead in the gentle yet powerful heat of a far infrared sauna.

What is an infrared sauna?

First of all, if you’ve been to a gym, you’re likely familiar with a conventional sauna. They’re so hot, your jewelry burns your skin and it’s hard to breathe. If that’s not for you, you’ll love infrared saunas — they are comfortable and relaxing yet deeply therapeutic in ways a hot rock sauna never will be. This is because conventional hot rock and steam saunas simply heat the air while far infrared light saunas penetrate tissue.

Saunas have been used therapeutically for thousands of years to detoxify the body. The far infrared sauna we use at our Charlotte, NC office goes even further by heating up your body’s core at a cellular level. This releases stored toxins, improves metabolism, and oxygenates the body. This makes a far infrared sauna great for chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle relaxation.

Far infrared sauna benefits as shown in studies​:

A far infrared sauna offers many benefits in addition to detoxification, including pain relief, lowering inflammation, and supporting heart health.

  1. Detoxification: Newborn babies are born with 300 toxic chemicals (that have been tested so far). We all carry toxins in our bodies and it’s imperative to make regular detoxification a part of life. Our sauna not only helps you detox toxins and heavy metals, it also helps you release toxic metabolites normally produced by your body, such as ammonia, uric acid, cholesterol, and metabolized hormones.
  2. Reduce inflammation: Research shows far-infrared heat therapy reduces inflammation, which in turn can reduce pain and other chronic health issues.
  3. Pain relief: A recent study showed just one session in an infrared sauna reduced pain by almost 70 percent in chronic pain patients. Our infrared sauna penetrates joints, muscles, and tissues, increases circulation, and increases oxygenation to areas injured or in pain. The heat flushes out lactic acid, relieving soreness, aches, stiffness and spasms, and improving flexibility.
  4. Cardiovascular health: An infrared sauna has been shown to improve heart health, including for heart patients, by lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, and helping prevent arterial plaque.
  5. Improve immunity: Immune dysregulation is an extremely common problem today. Sitting in the sauna regularly will help boost white blood cell function thus helping you fight and prevent infections.
  6. Improve skin: Our skin, which is our largest detox organ, is a reflection of our overall health. People who use an infrared sauna regularly almost always report much improved skin. Infrared sauna use has been shown to help with dry skin, eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and overall skin tone, softness, and elasticity. Research shows regular use of an infrared sauna even shows a reduction in wrinkles.
  7. Weight loss: Believe it or not, research shows people who used the same sauna we feature in our Charlotte, NC office were able to reduce their weight and waist circumference in just a three- month period.
  8. Relaxation: In our plugged-in, information-overload world, you may find it difficult at first to spend some time in the sauna free from your phone, family, or job, but this actually a boon to your health. This is your time to read, rest, meditate, stretch, or even enjoy our built-in sound system. Your body desperately needs these time outs from screens, multi-tasking, and demands from responsibilities. Regular time in the sauna is a way to deliver this in addition to its many other benefits.
  9. Low in EMFs: Although many people don’t take electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, WiFi, electrical appliances, etc. seriously, studies increasingly show they can profoundly impact your health. Many home saunas emit high levels of EMFs, which negates their therapeutic effects! Our far infrared sauna is the safest on the market with virtually undetectable EMFs.

Are there infrared sauna dangers?

Our Charlotte, NC, infrared sauna is very safe to use for people in various states of health. However, because of the detoxifying effect, is important to be aware of potential infrared sauna dangers.

For example, it may be prudent to start out using it for a short period of time and gradually increasing, especially for people whose health is fragile. Also, it’s important to stay hydrated, preferably with an electrolyte drink, before and after your sauna, and use functional medicine strategies to support detoxification pathways.

In some cases, using the far infrared sauna may not be appropriate. For instance, very young or very old people who cannot easily regulate body temperature may be advised to avoid use. People with silicone implants may be at risk of the implants absorbing the infrared heat. Also, people who have recently had a heart attack or stroke should wait until their health is stronger, and it is not advised for those with aortic stenosis.

Certain medications are also contraindicated with using the sauna, and alcohol use before, during, or after sauna usage should be avoided.


My Charlotte, North Carolina, office now offers far infrared sauna therapy to enhance your functional medicine protocols. We added this form of therapy because of the many far infrared sauna benefits shown in studies. We also offer Chromotherapy light therapy with our sauna! This light therapy allows the user to select a color light therapy based on the type of support needed, whether it’s to support circulation, aid in detoxification, enhance calming, or assist metabolism. Regular use of our Sunlighten far infrared sauna with Chromotherapy light therapy is a great way to enhance your functional medicine protocol, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, boost heart health, detoxify your body, enjoy glowing skin, and have some time to relax.

NOTE from Carolyn: You can reach Dr. Traci’s office at www.drtracigiles.com, (704) 678-3997 or via email at drtraci@hotmail.com! I’ve enjoyed regular far infrared saunas at Dr. Traci’s office lately. This is not an endorsement and I’m not receiving any financial remuneration from Dr. Traci or Sunlighten. Just sharing my love of health!

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