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Fifty Fabulous Reasons to Celebrate Your Mother Today …

1. She made you.

2. She loves you.

3. Diapers.

4. Spit up.

5. Those sleepless nights.

6. Decorating birthday cakes.

7. Camping trips.

8. Heart-shaped french toast on Valentine’s Day.

9. Lunchbox treats.

10. MIssed curfews.

11. Last-minute science projects.

12. Patience, patience, patience.

13. Compassion.

14. Bedtime prayers at night.

15. She let you get a cat when she really doesn’t like cats.

16. She drove that injured, bleeding cat to the vet, in her lap while dressed in her nice work clothes on her lunch hour.

17. Arts and crafts …. and glitter.

18. Game nights.

19. She makes your favorite meals even when she doesn’t feel like cooking.

20. Sweet messages in your summercamp suitcase.

21. She’s your lifelong cheerleader and biggest fan.

22. Carpooling and driving on field trips.

23. Comforting your broken heart.

24. Finding your lost stuff (super power!).

25. She taught you to drive and “paralyze” park.

26. Easter egg hunts.

27. Lovingly guides you through tough decisions.

28. Making every holiday special with decorations and treats.

29. Reminding you to brush your teeth.

30. Braces.

31. She shares her love of gardening.

32. She hosts birthday parties.

33. She teaches you the importance of Thank You notes.

34. She’s the best listener.

35. Cooking/Cleaning/Rinse/Repeat.

36. She teaches the power of forgiveness.

37. Bubbles.

38. Sidewalk chalk drawings.

39. She’s a caregiver extraordinaire.

40. She teaches you to cook and takes your phone calls when you forgot how to make difficult recipes like … uh … rice. (ahem)

41. She’s always there when you need her.

42. She taught you to ride a bike.

43. Laundry, laundry, laundry.

44. She sings lullabies.

45. She taught you the importance of good manners in all situations.

46. She gives you back scratches when you can’t fall asleep.

47. She models multi-tasking magnificently.

48. She’s the family photographer/scrapbooker/historian/journalist.

49. Because MOM upside down is WOW!

50. She’s FABULOUS!

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