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Eat the Yolks. Eat ALL the Real Food.

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Low-fat or full-fat? Sprouts or burgers? Calorie-counting or nutrient-seeking? Granola or eggs?


Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself wondering just who to believe when it comes to nutrition and dietary information. Heck, raise both hands! I know, I know. It’s crazy out there.


So who should you believe?


Liz. You should believe my friend, Liz.


That’s Liz Wolfe, NTP, of (formerly She has just published a new book: Eat the Yolks – Discover Paleo, Fight Food Lies, and Reclaim Your Health. And I’m giving it my Real Food Carolyn “seal of approval”!

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Cave Girl Eats —> Real Food Liz

When I had the chance to get my real-food-lovin’ hands on a review copy of Eat the Yolks, I leapt at the opportunity! Over the past few years, I’ve followed Liz at RealFoodLiz/CaveGirlEats and The Skintervention Guide, and faithfully listened to the Balanced Bites podcast which she co-hosts with Diane Sanfilippo. I was impressed by Liz’s knowledge of traditional foods and holistic health, as well as her heart of gold and saucy humor, but I became an even bigger fan during a particular podcast episode in which she spoke so eloquently of the work and research of Dr. Weston A. Price and those beloved fat-soluble vitamins. This “cave girl” gets it, I thought to myself.

Furthermore, I had an opportunity to meet Liz in 2012 at a Charlotte NC workshop and again at the Weston A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference in Santa Clara, California. (We talked about fermented cod liver oil, naturellement.) Face-to-face, I found Liz to be such a lovely, gracious and passionate spokesperson for real food and vibrant health.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to our mutual admiration of Weston A. Price and FCLO, it turns out that Liz and I share a unique (and not-quite-socially-acceptable) appreciation for two amazing nutrient-dense foods: … wait for it … wild-caught sardines and pastured raw liver.

See? We’re practically BFFs! Or soul sisters!

Er, possibly more like a brilliant successful niece and her crazy old aunt. <wink>

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But Back to the Book.

Here I am tossing around images of crunchy little fish and nose-to-tail victuals while you’re patiently awaiting clarification on calorie counting, salt restriction, fat confusion, cholesterol fear-mongering, fiber-filled whole grains, and more of the nutrition noise that seems to rule the airwaves these days.

Well, there is good news: Liz Wolfe has the answers in Eat the Yolks and you will be fascinated. Fascinated by the head-smacking history behind those cherry-picked research results, misguided government recommendations, and food industry marketing myths.

Not only that, you’ll be relieved in that she’s not preaching “do-this-don’t-do-that” dietary restrictions or dogma. But instead, she offers explanations and solutions based on real food. She lays it all out in bite-sized portions and trusts you to choose what’s right for your own body. So refreshing!

You’ll also be entertained. Liz has a unique talent for sneaking in the occasional giggle-inducing turn of a phrase and she often seasons liberally with a hearty dose of sass.

But most of all, you’ll be empowered. You’ll get the real deal on the beauty of nutrient synergy vs. the futility of vitamin and mineral isolation. The lowdown on willpower and “moderation.” The knowledge to sift through hype and hoopla. And the freedom to choose REAL foods that heal and nourish.

So grab a copy of Eat the Yolks and dive in to some eggs from happy pastured hens, yolks and all! Go ahead and enjoy REAL FOOD.

Also, be sure to follow Liz at and on Instagram. Pictures and videos of her goats and guineafowl will provide you with a daily endorphin boost. Trust me.

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