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2022 {health} REBOOT

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Want a fresh new start? You're invited to set your personal goal and choose your level of participation! 

  • 7-Day Bounce Back {or}
  • 21-Day Detox {or}
  • Customized 90-Day Cleanse>Renew>Thrive 

They all start Monday, January 10, 2022! Holistic health coaches,nutrition experts, and wellness advocates will be guiding you indeveloping new healthy habits in a simple & inspiring way. 

How will this 2022 REBOOT work? 

We'll focus on simple steps toembrace daily rhythms & health habits, incorporate nourishingfoods, and gently detox our body & home with the goal of vibrant health & wellness.

The Health Reboot programs will include support for:

  • Regulating Metabolism & Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Food Choices & Meal Plans
  • Improving Focus & Energy 
  • Addressing Inflammation
  • Calming the Nervous System
  • Enhancing our Body's Detoxification PathwaysModulating the Immune System
  • Daily "Soul-Care"
  • Cleansing our Living Environment     


☐ First you REGISTER: 

☐ Then GATHER your tools (Options on following pages;NOTE that you don't need everything listed! We cancustomize your REBOOT based on goals & budget)

☐ SHARE your goals with me or a friend

☐ DOWNLOAD our helpful guides (coming soon)

☐ VIEW our Intro Video on Monday, January 3

☐ LAUNCH with us on Monday, January 10

☐ SAVE the tips & strategies to repeat as needed   


☐ For CLEANSING the body: Lemon, Tangerine or Wild Orange

☐ For DETOXING: Zendocrine detoxification blend and/or softgels

☐ For IMMUNE PROTECTION: OnGuard or Stronger protective blend☐ For NERVOUS SYSTEM & HEALTHY CELLS: Frankincense or Copaiba☐ For SLEEP: Lavender, Cedarwood, or Serenity restful blend

☐ For CALM: Adaptiv calming blend and/or Balance grounding blend☐ For INFLAMMATION: Deep Blue soothing blend (oil blend, lotion 

tube, or the new stick with Copaiba) or Copaiba oil or softgels

☐ For WEIGHT: Slim & Sassy metabolic blend oil or softgels

☐ For FOCUS: Breathe respiratory blend, InTune or Thinker focus blend 


☐ Essential oil diffuser

☐ Fractionated coconut oil

☐ Rollerball bottles

☐ OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate or abōde Multipurpose Surface Cleaner☐ doTERRA supplements & nutraceuticals (see following pages)

☐ Your enthusiasm & readiness to REBOOT! 

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Not yet a doTERRA Customer? Click HERE for my 2022 {health} REBOOT Starter Kit. 🍊 You'll also receive my curated Welcome Kit. Email me for more info on that!

Scroll on down for optional add-ons or the detox-cleanse bundle. 

Reach out with any questions!

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