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The Story of a 1-Year-Old Cupcake

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There once was a dear family whose young daughter wanted to make fun, colorful cupcakes for her birthday. The family was learning about nourishing, nutrient-dense foods along with me but they figured a little treat would not be a big deal. (And truly, it isn't. So no judgment, friends!)

At the end of the day, this leftover cupcake was set aside under a the cover of a cake stand and placed out of the way because of family coming-and-going. They came across it about 2 weeks later and were a little surprised that it still looked the same as on the day of the party.

I LOVE what came next!

They decided to let it sit there.

For a YEAR.

And then they shared this photo with me.

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People often ask me where to get started on this Real Food Journey. This 1-year-old cupcake is a great example. It represents the reality of processed foods. They aren't #RealFood. They are "manufactured food-like products." They aren't nourishing, sustaining and healing for our body and mind.

So, do you want to get started? Turn a corner on your health ... both physical and mental?

  • Seek fresh foods first. 
  • Bring in more #RealFood and push the boxed, processed foods out.

It's a journey! Set your own pace. What's ONE easy real food choice YOU want to make?

Looking for a healthy (and #RealFoodCarolynApproved) treat?

I follow two talented friends who have some excellent suggestions!

  • Elena at Elana's Pantry just shared her Low-Carb Funfetti Blondies HERE.
  • Wardee at Traditional Cooking School has a yummy Grain-Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting recipe HERE.