Spring Cleanse & Renew

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I’m delighted to be leading this “Spring Cleanse & Renew” … a 30-day gentle cleanse program based on nourishing foods and doTERRA’s gentle Cleanse & Renew protocol (take a sneak peek on pg 28 of the Living Magazine).

We will begin the 30-day program on Monday, April 17, and it will run through May 16. This free program is for my doTERRA community as well as those who are new to doTERRA and are looking for wise guidance on our wonderful essential oils & healthy support. The program will be offered through a private Facebook group but you’ll first register via this Eventbrite Link.  Lots of great pre-cleanse support will be rolling out there so join in!

Here are some details about our 2017 “Spring Cleanse & Renew”in a Q & A format:

Q: What type of “cleanse” is this?
A: This is a gentle cleanse/detox and restore/renew using doTERRA’s wonderful supplements and essential oils with suggestions for nourishing foods and non-toxic living.

Q: What doTERRA products should I have to participate in the Cleanse & Renew?Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.07.18 PM

– Our Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements are foundational and it’s best to be taking them prior to the Cleanse (Email me for more info on ramping up to the Cleanse! RealFoodCarolyn@gmail.com)
– TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme Complex
– Zendocrine Detoxification Complex
– Zendocrine Detoxification softgels OR essential oil blend
– Lemon essential oil
– GX Assist cleansing formula softgels
– DDR Prime cellular complex softgels OR essential oil blend
– PB Assist probiotics

Q: What other products might I want to have on hand for extra support during the Cleanse?
A: If you anticipate mild detox headaches, you’ll want to consider Past Tense tension blend rollerball or Peppermint Touch rollerball bottle (or other favorite essential oil of choice for head tension). If you anticipate experiencing mild stress during the detox, then grab your favorite essential oils, “mood oils” and/or “emotional aromatherapy” oils. Consider Frankincense, Balance, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Serenity, Past Tense, Cheer, Console, Motivate, Peace.

Q: Must I start the Cleanse & Renew on April 17? Or may I begin sooner? Or later?
A: Most of us will begin the 30-day process on April 17 but you can join in anytime!

Q: How much water should I be consuming during the Cleanse & Renew?
A: Lots of water will help flush toxins and keep you hydrated. Aim for 25% to 50% of your body weight in ounces. Ex: a 160 lb person may want to consume 40 to 80 oz of water. Be sure to use glass or stainless steel containers when adding Lemon essential oil.

Q: Should I adjust my diet before and during the Cleanse & Renew?Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.17.22 PM
A: It would be beneficial to address improvements in your diet at this time. Adding in Nourishing Nutrient-Dense foods and going Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Sugar-Free and even Dairy-Free can be a fantastic way to help clear toxins, address food sensitivities, and support your body! But you can take this on at your own individual pace and preference. Some will want to include more nourishing, nutrient-dense foods such as bone broth and fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi and other veggies. Do your best to incorporate more organic vegetables and fruits. Excluding sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, and caffeinated beverages will surely be beneficial as you seek to cleanse/nourish your body and move toward restoring healthy digestive functions. We will be sharing LOTS of resources (and short-cuts!) for nourishing foods for the Cleanse & Renew in our Facebook group!

Q: Should I consider addressing the toxicity of which cleaning products & personal hygiene products?
A: Yes! We can support & improve our health by removing toxic synthetic chemicals from our daily use whenever possible. You will hear more specifics on these topics before/during/after our 30-day Cleanse & Renew. But take a look at these posts for inspiration: Detox Baths, Oil Pulling, and Dry Brushing.

Want more specifics? Please reach out to me at RealFoodCarolyn@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to walk you through this journey toward a healthier, happier you!

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