Tomato Chips – Dehydrated

Oh, to save and savor the tastes of summer! Bottle up the bounty before the crisp autumn mornings arrive. Gather the garden goodness and frantically freeze or dehydrate any extras.  Are you getting the picture? The race is on! There is no better way, in my opinion, to preserve tomatoes than dehydrating. The flavors are intensified, […]

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Pizza Poppers

I’ll admit it. Back in the day – before food allergies were detected in our family – we would routinely order take-out pizza for a quick dinner. If the pizza wasn’t completely consumed that night, we’d happily enjoy leftovers for breakfast. Shocking, I know. Ha! Well, now we embrace traditional, nourishing foods over processed fast foods. […]

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Just Peachy

Could anything be tastier than a fresh peach? We’re wrapping up peach season in the Southeastern U.S. but there’s still time to enjoy some of this delectable fruit – sliced & served over vanilla ice cream, chopped & mixed into a cobbler, whirred into a smoothie with milk kefir or coconut milk. Here are a […]

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Healthy Banana Muffins

I finally got it! It seemed like I was overdue for a grain-free/dairy-free baking success and, thankfully, this recipe for Healthy Banana Muffins came together beautifully. Moist with a light texture but still hearty and filling. Just the right amount of sweetness even in the absence of refined sugar. Optional add-in ingredients to tickle the […]

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Blueberry Season!

Just picked a double-handful of blueberries from my little garden! <happy dance> But first had to chase off a beautiful cardinal that was hopping around, waiting for a snack. I’m considering wrapping my beloved blueberry shrubs in protective netting to ward off more birds! The neighbors will love it. Or maybe not? Well, there won’t […]

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Farmers + Firefighters

‘Twas a great morning at Atherton Mill and Market as they hosted their 3rd Annual Fire Department Auxiliary Pancake Breakfast! The Charlotte Fire Department Auxiliary supports our local fire department by helping injured firefighters and the families of fallen firefighters.  A portion of this morning’s proceeds will go to aid Michael Gross, a fireman formerly of Charlotte, who was […]

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First Tomato of the Season

Like a proud mama, I bring you the first tomato of the season! Okay, it’s less than 1-inch in diameter. Gotta go whisk up a nice olive oil vinaigrette. Or maybe I should add a quarter-sized slice of mozzarella and a half-leaf of basil for the world’s tiniest Insalata Caprese? Come on, Summer!   Tweet

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5 TIPS for the BEST Liver Pâté

In my Weston A. Price / Paleo foodie circles, liver is a SUPERFOOD! It’s loaded with Vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 plus many more vitamins and minerals. See THIS CHART from Are these nutrient powerhouse qualities found in ALL liver? Nope. Just in liver and other organ meats from pastured animals, consuming species-appropriate food, and raised on […]

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