Fermented Radishes

When I first tip-toed nervously into the world of lacto-fermented foods, I started with the classic sauerkraut. It was definitely intimidating for a newbie and a little nerve-wracking to leave it out on the counter for days and even weeks. But I got the hang of it … see my step-by-step recipe here … and then became a little more […]

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Finding YOUR Fit

You all know I consider “real food” as foundational for health but there’s more to wellness than just bone broth and ferments, right? 😉 So I’m delighted to share this guest post from my friend and neighbor: Gordon Shuford, personal training coach and owner of FIT 360. Gordon offers private & group personal training, and he coaches soccer & football athletes of all ages.  His contact info is […]

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DIY Mom’s Survival Kit

Moms! We’ve got ya covered!  Drop in Thursday morning, March 16, and learn about putting together your own custom “essential oil survival kit” to handle everyday family emergencies such as … ouchy-owies, terrible-twos-tantrums, tummy trouble can’t sleep, can’t focus, can’t stand the sight of [fill in the blank] 😉 this-hurts-that-hurts, monthly hormone mayhem, and all.the.moodiness Plus treats for […]

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Essential Emotions

Would you like to feel happier? More connected and more empowered? Moods, as a complex interaction of emotional and physical elements, are a powerful factor in our everyday lives. I believe a return to the traditional foods of our ancestors is a wonderful place to start when facing physical and emotional  issues. (Read my story here.) But there […]

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Wellness Wednesday with Essential Oils

Looking for natural, safe, affordable and effective options instead of expensive products containing synthetic agents and man-made chemicals? Please join our “Wellness Wednesday with Essential Oils” event during which we will cover: How essential oils are a safe and essential tool for your healthy lifestyle How pure therapeutic grade essential oils can be used topically, aromatically and (in some […]

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