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Why You Should Not Buy Oils from Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay

You may have heard this question or possibly wondered yourself: “Why can’t I just buy doTERRA Essential Oils off Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc? The oils are sometimes more affordable on these sites so what’s the problem?” Well, I’ll tell you! The problem is, when buying from these sites, you REALLY don’t know exactly what you are getting. And, no, […]

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The Simple Pleasures of the Farmers Market

I am honored to welcome my lovely and talented friend, Keia Mastrianni, as a guest contributor at Real Food Carolyn! Keia is a freelance writer and copy editor for The Local Palate. She lives in Shelby with her farmer love. When she’s not writing, she’s helping out in the field or in the kitchen baking pie. You will want to follow her on […]

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CLASS: Easy Lacto-Fermenting

EASY LACTO-FERMENTING Join in this class to learn the basics of lacto-fermenting sauerkraut, kimchi and mixed vegetables. This 1 hour session will include information on the history and benefits or lacto-fermentation as well as demonstration of techniques to make your own fermented veggies. Tastings and recipes provided! “Eating [live] fermented foods is an incredibly healthy practice, directly supplying […]

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Traditional Cooking School – ONLINE 24/7 !

Want to serve your family delicious, nourishing, traditionally-prepared meals? To simply and easily bless your family with good health, vibrancy and life-giving food? Need to handle various food allergies but still want yummy food? Then PLEASE check out the Traditional Cooking School! In less than an hour a week, you can learn how to master the […]

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L-F Vegs & Fruits Workshop

WORKSHOP: Lacto-Fermenting Vegetables & Fruits

Join in this workshop to learn the basics of lacto-fermenting vegetables & fruits. The 90-minute session will include demonstration of techniques to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, apricot butter, and more. Tastings and recipes provided! “Eating [live] fermented foods is an incredibly healthy practice, directly supplying your digestive tract with living cultures essential to breaking down food and assimilating […]

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Blueberry Season!

Just picked a double-handful of blueberries from my little garden! <happy dance> But first had to chase off a beautiful cardinal that was hopping around, waiting for a snack. I’m considering wrapping my beloved blueberry shrubs in protective netting to ward off more birds! The neighbors will love it. Or maybe not? Well, there won’t […]

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Farmers + Firefighters

‘Twas a great morning at Atherton Mill and Market as they hosted their 3rd Annual Fire Department Auxiliary Pancake Breakfast! The Charlotte Fire Department Auxiliary supports our local fire department by helping injured firefighters and the families of fallen firefighters.  A portion of this morning’s proceeds will go to aid Michael Gross, a fireman formerly of Charlotte, who was […]

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